My Journey to Business Owner

The purpose of this blog is to detail my path from gymnast to coach to club owner. After coaching for more than 20 years in a few different states and abruptly being terminated from my position directing a gymnastics team at a local facility at the end of March, I finally have gathered the fortitude and confidence to fully embrace my passion.

My fascination with gymnastics began at the age of 5 when my older cousin, whom I idolized, started taking acro lessons at a dance studio. Cousin Lissa would show me all the new tricks that she learned when we saw each other most every Sunday. She was always patient and eager to help me learn too. She taught me how to push up into a bridge and I still remember the sharp pain of being shoved all the way down in a middle split! Oh well. Some memories are more fond than others. Like the one of my mother teaching me a cartwheel in the back yard. Who knew that my mom could do a cartwheel!

Soon I was down right begging to be put in gymnastics. My parents didn’t have much money and gymnastics is an expensive sport. Mom told me that when I was 7 she would sign me up. How I couldn’t wait to turn 7! It became a bit of an obsession. Thankfully I was enrolled a few months early.


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